Introducing BoB on

With the growing notoriety of BoB, BoBees have kindly been asked by the talented (and I dare say, unrelentingly handsome) team over at to splurge our mind nonsense on to their pages in a messy fortnightly gush of opinions and cold steely fact. Beamed right in to your eyes.

First up was your boy Alistair “the A-Dog” Aitcheson of independent developer Alistair Aitcheson Games. Which is his company. Yeah.

He do: Best of British: Alistair Aitcheson on the pros and practicalities of running a game jam

Then up to bat was little old me with some brain thoughts about children, money and value.

Me do: Best of British: There’s nothing sinister about high value in-app purchases

BoB is the beacon here with these dribbling nuggets becoming an unrelenting torrent of knowledge in 2013: Smarts from some of the finest people in the UK mobile game scene (and occasionally me).

Keep peeling your eyes.


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