Crunch: The Game – by Spilt Milk Studios

Solve puzzles before the time runs out! This stupidly addictive numbers game will push your IQ to the limit! Take on friends, family and even the kids to see who really has the biggest brain…

How to Play:

In Puzzle Mode you need to reach the target number using the available blocks – Crunch them to clear the screen! Level up to unlock additional bonus blocks – string these together in long equations to get massive combo bonuses, but if you can’t think fast enough the screen will quickly fill up and it’s game over!

In Race Mode, you’ll need quick fingers to make sure you complete a chain using the falling Burn Block. If you don’t think fast enough and the Burn Block reaches the bottom of the screen you’re toast and you’ll have to try again!




Two unique game modes
Vibrant graphics
Endless gameplay
Challenging & addictive gameplay
Integrated global scoreboard
Share your scores on Facebook
Improve your mental arithmetic
Integrated Twitter feed



Andrew says:

Making this game was really good fun, and a learning curve on so many levels. It was my first game as a company (even if it is an adver-game!), I had never outsourced any code before, never worked with a new client, and had never been responsible for the art in a commercial release. So when we hit the deadline and launched, I was very happy with the result.

The fact that it is free means tons of people get to check it out, and while the game is essentially a branded experience for an online accountancy firm, I feel the game lives through its addictive qualities, and very few people even realise it’s an advert of any kind. Hopefully that doesn’t mean we didn’t drive them some new traffic though!