Sturdy Games


Sturdy Games is a one-man Indie studio launched by Damien Sturdy in 2012 with the aim of tackling both the desktop and mobile games industry.

I started as a contractor almost a decade ago, porting existing IP to new technologies and developing specialised CAD applications. Over the years I worked with many companies and individuals providing solutions tailored to their needs, however very few of these ventures really helped me with my real passion- Games development.

I spent a lot of my spare time in the previous decade playing with Blitz3D/Max, but In 2011, I was introduced to Unity and this really really got me thinking. In less than four weeks I had written a monster truck prototype. Maybe I can get into gaming after all?

Since picking up Unity in 2011, I have created four of my own games and ported two games for GreyAlienGames onto iOS and Android, with one also available on Nook and Kindle.

There are two more games in the pipeline, the biggest and most fun project, Gravity Ed, is currently in development and due for release in early 2014.