#BoBJam 2013 Report

Best of British indie games held a game jam at Mind Candy’s offices in London over the weekend of Fri 26th to Sunday 28th of July.  The venue was amazing and we are very grateful to Dan Atherton and Mindcandy for being epic hosts.

BoB gamejam at mindcandy

The jam had an optional theme of “Britishisms” and was officially 44 hours long.

There were nine people at the jam and two people jamming remotely in the Midlands.  I say jamming, but much of the time was spent boozing, eating takeaways and playing crazy boardgames!  Still, some games did get made and here they are:

Voxel-based Multiplayer FPS


Kevin Chandler (@TwistedLanyard) and Dave Jones (@DaveTriad) went all out and made a Voxel-based Multiplayer FPS with a level editor! They only started on day 2 as well after they abandoned a queuing simulator which turned into an awkward encounters on the pavement simulator.

Anyway it was most impressive and you can find out more and download it here.

Language used: XNA

The Case of the Mysterious Nazi Smuggler


After Alistair Aitcheson (@agAitcheson) decided that his Tractor Overtaking game wasn’t fun (just like in real life!) he teamed up with Jake Birkett (@greyalien) who had finally got his ass in gear and they made a point and click adventure game with a decidedly 1940s British theme.

In this short and sweet adventure you play as Tom and Mavis who give chase to a mysterious figure on a Cornish beach.

Play it online here.

Language used: Monkey

Pub Crawler


Meanwhile Damien Sturdy (@DamienSturdy) and Alex McGraynor (@madarray)  began jamming on a bus (as you do) and made a game about a favourite British pastime – pub crawling.

Keep Jarvis from falling over whilst on his journey to down a stupid amount of alcohol. Avoid cars (and soon, avoid the coppers and skinheads.)

Play it online here.

Language used: Unity

Back in My Day + Bagel Game

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (6)

Laurie Brown (@icecreamlorry) started work on a “down the mine endless runner” called Back in My Day and then made a shoot ’em up where you play as a bagel with gun and you shoot donuts.

Language used: GameMaker

And that’s all folks. A few other games were started but their devs didn’t feel they were complete enough to post news about.

See you at the next game jam!


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