A Recap: Full Indie UK Meetup in Birmingham

A few weeks ago on the 8th October we ran our first Full Indie UK meetup in Birmingham. We found a nice pub in the centre of Birmingham, lined up 4 great speakers and invited local indies to come along, network and have a great time.

To a crowd of over 20 indies our first speaker, Tim Wicksteed from Twice Circled, discussed the mistakes he made in implementing the free to play business model in Ionage and he passed on some valuable lessons to those in attendance.


The wonderful Simon Hill from Icoplay was up next to talk to us about Bitcoins in games. Starting out as an introduction to Bitcoins it evolved into an incredibly interesting idea about using spare CPU resources in your games to mine for Bitcoins.

Barrie Dowsett from Myriad Associates then took to the stage to share heaps of great information about how Indie Developers can claim funding back from the government, especially with R&D Tax Credits. Very useful stuff!

Finally Steve Stopps from Kumotion shared his experiences with setting up a shared working space in Leamington Spa, and how working in a shared office with other people can help you to work better and more creatively.


After the talks wrapped up we tried to play a bit of Cowbell Hero but the bar staff didn’t groove to it.  However, that didn’t dampen our spirits and we ate, drank, and talked game dev until well past 9pm.  There was a good mix of new and experienced indies and plenty of laptops, tablets and phones were whipped out to demonstrate work in progress or recently shipped games. Many people also told us that we should have another meetup soon and we will try to make that happen for sure!


So a big thank you to our speakers and everyone who attended who helped to make the night such a great success.

Please keep an eye out for more Full Indie UK meetups in your area later in 2013. Details coming soon…


You can download a copy of the slides from the event here: Full Indie UK Meetup in Birmingham Slides