Ludometrics makes games, toys and playthings you might like. We don’t focus on any particular platform or genre, but we do focus on creating games we like to play on platforms we like to play on.We certainly hope you’ll have fun playing the games we create.

Ludometrics was founded on May 20, 2010 (which also happens to be World Metrology Day), and is based in GlasgowScotland.

Pronunciation: /ˈluːdəʊˈmɛtrɪks/

plural noun [treated as singular]

  1. the basic rhythmic pattern of a game, toy or plaything.
  2. the use of mathematical methods (especially statistics) in describing systems of play.

Origin: early 21st century; from Latin ludo, ‘I play’; from Old French metre, with specific sense of “metrical scheme in verse,” from Latin metrum.