Skara, The Blade Remains

Sharpen your skills: Versus style combat is now in a third-person multiplayer with Boss fights!

An indiegame with AAA graphics, Skara is a dangerous world designed by a small team of indie developers who dreamed of making a multiplayer hack’n’slash with the soul of an RPG.

That dream has reached a Closed Beta. (Sign up to play it on our website)

“And then it happened. I know not how to describe it with intelligible language—surely the Authorities must have words to describe these cosmic occurrences…” -Saltés Borian, Governor of Valemteim

Celem is no longer the only Light that governs the world of Skara. Lôm, the lesser Light, engaged Celem in a celestial combat, wreaking havoc upon all that depended upon Him for life.

Now in this time of the two suns, the lands of the Long North freeze while the Long South burns. Empires have fallen. Invaders have come.
Many have perished. And many more will continue to, err what is left of Skara is reclaimed by those with the will to dominate.

Will you?

Fear comes from the belly. So Khärn cut the belly to let it out.

Born from the bowels of Skara, these mysterious and violent raiders of the land are by far the strongest of all. However, their brute strength makes them slow, offering brave opponents a brief opportunity for victory.

…Soon all will know, and fear, the Sons of Fire.

The tireless Celea escaped their burning homes to settle in a new land. Little did they know how soft and unprepared that land would be. Unstoppable in groups, the Celea are masters of Atash.

“Anger that sits burns its bearer, Anger that moves burns others” -Shinse proverb

The Shinse lost their ancestral lands on Skara’s coast to the invading Celea. Now they seek revenge. Swift and agile, the Shinse have only two types of opponents: The quick and the dead.

And two more, coming soon…




Ask not how old the dust is below your feet,
One day you will be it.

—a Shinse saying

There are many ways to perish in Skara; Not just at the hands of an enemy. Fall from a great height, melt in subterranean fire, drown, get crushed, or meet Him…

… Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Part of the vision of Skara is to allow players to literally become the protagonists of an unfolding Epic. The best gameplay from the upcoming faction mode will form the outline of a fantasy thriller currently in development alongside the game.

Want to see your character come to life? Make sure to start building out your group of players into a faction now. This feature is around the corner…