Thrust, turn, shoot, repeat.

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Obliterator is a top-down, 2D, single-player, arcade space game.

It is a mission-based game where you pilot the SS Harmony (a.k.a. The Obliterator) and complete objectives for The Committee in order to further the expansion into space.

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Sometimes your missions include rescuing the stranded, capturing space worms, or scanning key points in a star system. Other missions comprise of blowing-up mines, destroying planets, and gathering artefacts.

A few of your missions include annihilating an entire star system by causing a supernova. It’s exhilarating to accomplish this objective and a wonder to witness the devastation. (Just remember to exit the star system before it’s too late.)

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You choose which missions you do first and you will earn promotions for completed missions. You can practice too if you would like a cleaner pilot’s log for Committee records.

Your ship is the SS Harmony (a.k.a. The Obliterator) which boasts a wide variety of unlimited weapons and abilities for any mission. It also has a range of augments for more challenging missions and always handles smoothly. And it never, ever, runs out of fuel.

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Pilot The Obliterator and experience the space arcade game of thrust, turn, shoot, repeat.

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