Tackorama Ltd

I started making games in January 2015. My games are full of humour, thought, joy, and challenge. I make fun games that are inspired by classic gameplay but leave retro style in the past. My target is the mature audience and I craft child-like games for the five year old inside them, understanding their limited play-time and respecting their low tolerance for bullshit. My passion is for frivolous video games played on a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse and a fucking large monitor.

Tackorama is currently one man, one mess: a typesetter cum graphic designer by day; and by night a coder, game designer, composer, musician, writer, cat owner, and coffee drinker. (Yes, it’s all one man.) He is old enough to have actually played the history of video games from Pong onwards. He is young enough to still laugh at most knob jokes and not wear cardigans. Tackorama’s skills are broad and deep, constantly improving, and always ready to do what many want to do, but don’t.