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Tackorama Ltd

I started making games in January 2015. My games are full of humour, thought, joy, and challenge. I make fun games that are inspired by classic gameplay but leave retro style in the past. My target is the mature audience and I […]



Windybeard is a one man indie game developing, art creating, video game asset making company based in the UK. I am obsessed with gaming and have a love of 2D games and have been making video games for over a […]



We are a team of indie developers from the University of Hull who like to make video games that are generally a lot of fun. We’re currently working on living at the minute, but that won’t stop us making games! Keep […]




Ludometrics makes games, toys and playthings you might like. We don’t focus on any particular platform or genre, but we do focus on creating games we like to play on platforms we like to play on.We certainly hope you’ll have […]


Panic Barn

Panic Barn is an independent game developer based in the Blackmore Vale, Somerset. I think I might be the only one. It’s basically me Tim Constant making games in a barn working with other clever people remotely. I occasionally panic […]


SFB Games

SFB Games is an indie games studio made up of brothers Tom and Adam Vian. We’ve been making Flash games together as ‘The Super Flash Bros.’ since 2003, until we started dipping our toes in the mobile and console market […]


Four Door Lemon

    Four Door Lemon Ltd is a UK-based indie studio based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Founded by Simon Barratt in 2005 originally providing work-for-hire and middleware studio, FDL now develop their own titles as well as continuing to provide high […]


Sturdy Games

Sturdy Games is a one-man Indie studio launched by Damien Sturdy in 2012 with the aim of tackling both the desktop and mobile games industry. I started as a contractor almost a decade ago, porting existing IP to new technologies […]


Gavin Harrison Sounds

Gavin Harrison is a composer and sound designer from Suffolk, UK. He writes music and sound effects for mobile games, best known for his work on Hungry Shark Evolution and Gunslugs. He also composes for Audio Network, where he has worked […]


Spilt Milk Studios

  Spilt Milk Studios is an independent game developer based in London, UK. We’ve so far made a few rather good mobile games… but will develop on other platforms when the opportunity arises. We’re best known for Hard Lines which was […]


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