Grey Alien Games


Grey Alien Games is a UK-based indie game studio owned by Jake Birkett.

In 2005, after nearly a decade of developing stock control and accounting systems for bookshops in the UK, Jake Birkett formed his own company in a bid to realise a lifelong dream to make games! Seven years later he has eight casual games under his belt including the top-selling Fairway Solitaire and Unwell Mel download titles, and was part of the team that made My Tribe on Facebook.  Jake is also a huge fan of game jams and has made many free jam games.

Grey Alien Games also has a popular blog with as articles ranging from game design and marketing to positive thinking and sales statistics.

In 2010 Jake Birkett co-founded Full Indie, a Vancouver-based meetup group for indie game developers with over 1000 members! Jake is also currently chief BoBee as of February 2013.

Jake is an experienced speaker who has spoken at PAX, PAX Dev, Casual Connect, Game Design Expo, many universities and more.

Jake Birkett

Jake Birkett