Loot Monkey

Where. Is. My. Loot!


Loot Monkey is a 2D, flip-screen, platform game very much in the style of 8-bit platformers.

You play as Dougie, monkey and servant to the Evil Overlord, and have been instructed by your master to collect all his loot from his estate. Every item of loot must be collected from all the rooms to win the game and receive the master’s reward.


Dougie explores the master’s estate in any order he wishes. Dougie moves left and right and jumps to almost his own height. Being a monkey he has also been known to occasionally resist falling when near a wall. His abilities are useful for avoiding the Overlord’s pets as well as the traps and hazards scattered across his master’s estate.

Loot Monkey also features a few game modes for those seeking a greater challenge. These include limited starting lives as well as the restriction of extra lives. (There is no time limit although a count up timer is present).


Be a clever and brave monkey and gather the master’s loot before a hero arrives to steal it.

Digital Download from Itch.io

Loot Monkey website