Full Indie UK Manifesto

This manifesto sets out the fundamentals of Full Indie UK: A group of UK-based indie game developers working together for the benefit of the group and thus its members.

Note that members don’t have to be British, they just have to be living in the UK at the time of joining.

The Pep Talk

Full Indie UK is about nice people who love what they do coming together and helping each other build a more successful business and life – all in the name of indie videogames!

Group Benefits

Benefit is created for the group by its members as follows:

  1. Raising the profile of Full Indie UK by talking to the press, posting on Facebook and Twitter, and meeting real people at events. Basically BIG UP the group!
  2. Helping, supporting and encouraging fellow members in whatever way you can – from sourcecode to promotion. For example, when members launch a game, other members will Tweet the news.
  3. Making Full Indie UK grow by inviting new members who can bring something cool to the group.
  4. Attending Full Indie UK meetups/jams and being nice and cool and smart and friendly and funny. Don’t be a stranger!
  5. Using Full Indie UK’s collective force in such a way that brings benefit to all members.

New Members

Ideally an existing Full Indie UK will nominate you to be a new member although this is not a hard requirement if you contact us and meet the criteria below.

New members must:

  1. Have shipped (or be close to shipping) their own indie game IP. Please send proof.
  2. Be based in the UK.
  3. Be cool, (relatively) ego free and positive thinking.
  4. Respect any confidential information that group members tell you.  If in doubt, treat it as confidential. Thanks.

We need Helpers!

Full Indie UK was founded by Jake Birkett (@GreyAlien) and there is a small team of helpers who assist with things like the website, organising events, dealing with press etc. but we are always on the lookout for new team members who can bring some skills and devote a small amount of time to the group.

If you would like to help in any way, please email info@fullindie.co.uk


This is not a legal document but needs the same respect as one.

If you repeat anything confidential, jeopardise anyone’s business, do anything that brings the group into disrepute, disrespect/harass any other group members, or act uncool in any other way then you will be ejected from the group.

Leadership decisions can be appealed if someone seconds the motion.  A successful appeal will result in a vote to reverse the decision. Breaking the trust of the group by sharing confidential information/communications is an offense not subject to appeal, as may be some other offenses depending on their severity.

If you cease to be indie and/or your business/life changes so that you feel the group is not a good fit any more, please let us know so that we can remove you from the group. Thanks.

We also have an Anti-Harassment Policy. Please have a read.

By reading this and joining Full Indie UK you agree to enter into its spirit and respect and support everyone as set out above.

Note: Big thanks to Will Luton for founding Best of British which morphed into Full Indie UK.


Go back to the top and read it properly, it’s important. Thanks!